X pe d/t ition 3 | A project funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation/Doppelpass Fund. In coproduction with projekttheater Dresden.



„TERRA COGNITA“  focuses on present-day structures of thought, which are strongly influenced by post-colonial biases.  Using elements of dance and performance as well as intertwining cartooning with a science fiction plot, this production attempts to critically examine existing power structures.  We see three performers on the stage, each of which has reassembled fragments of different sciences into a supposedly new form, which they consider to be their own view of the world.  

The plot is similar to a heroic journey.  The performers recall adventures and expeditions from their own childhood and adolescence and intertwine them with their present-day notions about foreigners, thus putting their own identity into an historical and political context. In “TERRA COGNITA” the artists of theatrale subversion ask themselves, to what extent they themselves have been formed by the perennial struggle for power and influence and how much their way of thinking is still influenced by colonialist attitudes.

Trailer zu Terra Cognita
theatrale subversion on Vimeo.


idea, direction and concept:
Norman Grotegut


artistic collaboration:
Michael McCrae


Performer and dramaturgy:
Henrike Terheyden, Aljoscha Domes und Romy Weyrauch


stage setting:
Maximilian Aschenbach


live drawing:
Henrike Terheyden


sounddesign and music:

Stephanie Krah, Thimo Teiche


Norman Grotegut


technical direction:
Dirk Wirzbicki


production management:
Daniela Guse und Martin Zepter


collaboration dramaturgy:
Martin Zepter



The project “Terra Cognita” is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation/Doppelpass Fund, by Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen and Stadt Dresden.